Dr. Dhwani Dhaduk's practice is currently accepting new patients who reside in RICHMOND. Please review this page for the latest updates. We will not be able to provide further assistance or information over the phone.

If you would like to register with Dr. Dhaduk, please follow the steps below: 

Step 1: Please download and complete the new patient application form (at the bottom of this page). If there are multiple family members who wish to apply, please complete one form for each person.

Step 2: Please MAIL your completed form (5 pages total) to the clinic.  You are not automatically considered to be a patient by completing the form.

Step 3: The clinic will contact you to invite you to a new patient interview with Dr. Dhaduk. We do not have an exact timeline for when you may be invited for an appointment.  Dr. Dhaduk is able to accept a limited number of patients each month.  Please do not call or visit the clinic to inquire about the wait time as our front desk needs to assist current patients. 

Additional notes: 

  • You cannot have multiple primary care providers.

  • If you are currently registered with a family doctor or nurse practitioner, please only submit a new patient application form if you plan to transfer your care from your current provider.  

  • It is not an option to switch between family physicians within Coppersmith Medical Clinic.